In a Landscape Where Nothing Officially Exists

In a landscape where nothing officially exists (otherwise it would not be “desert”), absolutely anything becomes thinkable, and may consequently happen…

-Reyner Banham, Scenes from America Deserta

In a Landscape Where Nothing Exists was a collaboration between biologist Ileene Anderson (Public Lands and Deserts Director at the Center for Biological Diversity) and artists Alicia Escott, Jenny Kendler, Erin Payne, Courtney Quirin, Christopher Reiger, Molly Schafer, Sara Schnadt , and myself. We created thirty-five art works representing 35 different endangered species existing in and around southern California.


During a performance by Alicia Escott and Jenny Kendler, viewers took the art works for free, with the stipulation that they would complete the project by posting an image of the art work on the internet, a type of virtual reproduction.


Exhibited at Un-Space Ground, curated by Deborah Oliver and Ed Woodham, and part of Art in the Public Realm presented by ARTSpace at the 100th Annual College Arts Association at the Los Angeles Convention Center on February 25, 2012.